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FAQs explain why Domain Score (DS), Job Score (JS) and Intellectual Property is important.


Domain Score
Authority/ranking of the project mentioned across the web based on amount and quality of links. Higher is usually better.
Job Score
If project is hiring or not. This may be a positive indicator to increase chance that it's a legit company. Higher number is usually better.
IP Score
Presence of intellectual property signals such as trademarks

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Not at the moment. It's planned for later this year. Check the final FAQ dropdown below for info to secure a whitelist spot.

It's simple and useful but was overlooked by most of the industry. We have other super interesting metrics unrelated to domains, but this metric was a good one to release first.

It's a bunch of data combined about the quantity and quality of websites that link to another website. Yep, pretty much SEO and similarly DA/DR metrics.

A higher domain score is generally associated with higher price or volume, and it may be an indicator of a stronger project (good team, product/value, more legit forms of marketing). 1) Having higher domain score for projects that you are interested in should give you more confidence. 2) If you compare many projects that have similar price (or volume), the one with the higher domain score may have highest chance of being undervalued and may soon grow. 3) Projects with lower domain scores have higher chance of being scam or are not a serious project. Interpret this cautiously because legit projects may also start out with the lowest score. This is not financial advice. Do your own research. The statements above are not to be taken as strategy to make or lose profit. There are many exceptions and opposite scenarios of examples above. That's why these are general patterns across many projects. 

Yes and sometimes high scores are present for controversial sites or those with bad media/PR. However, it's harder to manipulate than something like social media engagement. It's still a useful metric (with mathematical support).

Legit projects are usually more agressive about their growth and re-investing profits/investments into team growth. We pull in many data sources such as and others for hiring data (we are only 10% there and hiding lots of data for now)

IP is intellectual property including trademarks, patents, copyright, and other legal factors to protect companies. We track some of these. It's a challenging metric to report and analyze since it's not easy to detect the exact relationship between companies, parent companies, and owners of IP, but it's a good start to generally separate out projects.

Yes. 1) Domain score and price/volume can spike in certain conditions. We'll release the algorithm if there is enough interest and appreciation from the community for this basic version. 2) Hint hint, many popular Twitter accounts make a tweet AFTER they read or see a blog/article or news announcement. In otherwords, a website post (domain score factor) about a project is sometimes the alpha. 3) The goal is for full web3 function and tracking across transparent data layers. Would be awesome to have an ENS Authority or Google-alternative metric. We'll build that when the industry empowers it and when the data is available. 

We don't currently offer services. We are in the process to "verify" certain projects. More info is here


We made the tool public as quickly as possible to create value for early adopters. Decrease chance of our communities being rugpulled, increase chance of finding projects with stronger metrics.

Mint and partnerships will be out later this year. For now, you can purchase a whitelist spot. It's not access and not the mint price, it's just a WL spot. This captures interest for a more effective launch later, and secures your spot without grinding. We're using trusted 3rd-party tools to accept payment with two options:

You can pay in USD $ FIAT here.

You can pay in 0.2 ETH here.
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